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Our Mission

Y.E.S.! I Run Opelika, helps build a community where all youth have access to the opportunities, resources, and relationships needed to reach their full potential.

Y.E.S.! I Run Opelika, equips youth with the tools, knowledge, and positive role models to make healthier life choices that lead to positive change in each other, their community, and the environment. 

Y.E.S.! I Run Opelika, develops youth leaders that become advocates for their communities by teaching skills in leadership, critical thinking, team building, community engagement, public speaking, and other vital areas. 


Y.E.S.! I Run Opelika, inspires youth to identify, research, and propose solutions to relevant issues such as youth bullying, violence, and school dropouts.


Y.E.S.! I Run Opelika, strives to combat high-risk behaviors (such as alcohol, tobacco, drug use; early sexual activity, and violence that could impact their potential for future success.


Y.E.S.! I Run Opelika, believes in engaging the community to rally support and resources for their youth. 


Combined with leadership training, a focus on post-high school education, workforce readiness, social and emotional wellness, the teens come away from our program equipped with a strong sense of character, competence, confidence, community, and compassion in their pursuit of healthy relationships and rewarding futures


The goal is for students to consider their next steps when they make decisions, so they understand how the choices they make now will impact their future lives.


Providing them with these tools makes a difference and helps them succeed. It also helps the community by providing stronger youth that become a productive part of the community and give back.


We are committed to helping youth reach their highest potential through a variety of life-transforming programs.

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