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  • What is Y.E.S.! I Run Opelika?
    Y.E.S., I Run Opelika is an empowerment program that works with a diverse group of junior and high school students. During the school year, participants will attend approximately 6 Saturday sessions during which they will develop their leadership skills through meaningful conversations and workshops, examine critical issues that face our local youth and participate in community service.
  • What is the difference between youth empowerment and development?
    Youth empowerment is different than youth development because development is centered on developing individuals, while empowerment is focused on helping youth take control of their lives, maintain healthy lifestyles, and creating greater community change, in addition to the development of the individual.
  • What happens at Y.E.S.! I Run Opelika sessions?
    During Y.E.S. sessions, students will: - Discuss issues and share views with excited leadership and special guests. - Collaborate and create suggestions for solution-driven dialogue. - Support peers in personal and professional growth.
  • Why should I apply?
    - Participants develop both personally and professionally through workshops, conversations, service opportunities, and more. - Participants work alongside their peers. - Participants build meaningful relationships with peers, mentors, and other community resources. - Participants meet and network with leaders of various industries and backgrounds. - Participants build an important support system which allows greater success in the future. - Participants make an impact and have fun while doing it!
  • Who is eligible to join Y.E.S.! I Run Opelika?
    Applicants must be rising a freshman through senior. We plan to offer more services to younger students by the summer of 2019.
  • Where will Y.E.S.! I Run Opelika meetings occur?
    The monthly meetings will be held on Saturdays at different locations in the area, based on the month’s session topic. There will also be additional opportunities for participants to volunteer within the area, and log volunteer hours outside of the Saturday sessions.. After the participants are selected, a list meetings dates and locations will be released to those participants and their families.
  • What is the cost of Y.E.S.! I Run Opelika?
    The program is provided FREE of charge thanks to sponsors, grants, and individuals in our community.
  • Can I donate to I Run Opelika, and will it be tax-deductible?"
    Yes, we are a 501(c)(3) tax-exempt organization. It is donations like yours that help keep the program free to the students.
  • Are Y.E.S.! I Run Opelika sessions boring?
    We do our best to keep it from being a lecture hall or uninspiring. All events that participants attend are designed to be engaging, fun, innovative and creative in order to stimulate change and impact!
  • What happens after I complete the program?
    Good question! At our end of the year celebration, we will give out awards and scholarships to participants. During the summer of 2019, we plan on introducing programs that will meet on a regular basis. This would include summer camps, after-school opportunities, mentoring, and more.
  • What should I do if I want to join, know someone who wants to join, or want to find out more information?"
    Please visit our Apply page, Contact page, or feel free Send contact André Marcus at 334-750-7672.
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